Cheryl Golbricht

Sales Associate

Born and raised on a small farm Northwest of Arbela, Mo. in Scotland County. Graduated from Scotland County High school, later married and purchased a farm near Azen, Mo. We joined the family farming business in the process of raising two (2) children as well. While the children were growing I attended cosmetology school in Kirksville, Mo. and started my own business. During these years I developed several long-lasting friends in my salon business on the farm and again at my shop in Gorin, Mo.

Hunting, fishing, swimming, horseback riding and camping were things we all enjoyed as a family. Moved to Memphis, Mo. still operating my salon, decided to go back to school to become a real estate professional. Obtaining my license as sales agent in 2000 I went to work a year later at Primrose Realty.

Memphis, Mo. is still home to my husband Rick and myself. It has been a pleasure to work with Primrose Realty since 2001 and have found the real estate profession very rewarding.